Transmission Service

Transmission service helps to extend the life of your vehicle by removing the particles that collect over time in your car’s transmission. Every so often, a car’s transmission fluid needs to be drained. Normally, the transmission fluid is a very clean looking red color, however, a dirty transmission will produced a brown, milky-like solution which can be deadly to your car.

Hyundai Transmission Flush

A transmission flush may be all that you need to get your car running safely on the road again. The little tiny bits of metal and debris can do serious harm to your car’s engine. Most auto makers recommend having your transmission fluid flushed every 20,000 miles in order to keep your transmission in good shape.

Hyundai Transmission Parts

For more information about Hyundai Transmission parts or Hyundai Transmission service, please contact our parts department directly at (866) 488-8994.

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