Aftermarket Moonroof

When you purchase your vehicle at World Hyundai, there are a number of aftermarket products that you can add to your vehicle purchase. Many of our aftermarket products and services are available for all car models, including our non-Hyundai used cars. Let World Hyundai provide you with Hyundai Aftermarket products and services!

Moonroofs and sunroofs are great additions to any car. They allow outside light to enter your vehicle from above, providing you and your passengers with a sense of additional space within the vehicle. They’re also great in the summer time when the weather gets hot and you want to let in the breeze!  If you live in the Chicago area and currently do not have a moonroof or sunroof installed on your vehicle, let World Hyundai give you a quote on doing the simple installation of a moonroof for you. Call us today for a quote and to get the process started!


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