Enjoy Low Payments on a Lease While You Get All the Other Benefits of Leasing a Hyundai

One of the biggest reasons people lease is the low payments on a lease. Leasing allows you to get the car of your dreams without breaking your budget.  When you lease, the lower payments can save you money for other necessities or luxuries or allow you to upgrade to a more luxurious car. Now, Illinois residents can get an even better deal because of the sales tax law change. In the past, when you leased a vehicle, you paid sales tax on the entire price of the vehicle, just as you would when you purchased a car.  That was often rolled into the lease, making payments even higher.  The new tax change eliminates paying tax in full up front on the capitalized cost, lease price. Instead you only pay sales tax on the down payment when you sign the lease and then each month on the lease payment.

Benefits of leasing a Hyundai also include the protection of always having a warranty in the event there's a major repair. Most leases last as long as the warranty, but with the Hyundai, the warranties often last longer than the lease, making it just as safe to lease for five years as it is for three.  You'll never be faced by the nickel and dime expenses that often occur when you own a car, and sometimes the major expenses that make purchasing another car is the only answer.

Not everyone looks at leasing as a way of getting a bigger car or one oozing with luxury, some people use leasing as a way to afford one of the new hybrid vehicles.  There are many benefits of leasing a Hyundai hybrid that is not only good for the environment, but also saves money on gas.  The Hyundai Sonata hybrid has distinctive features that make it easy to distinguish from the non-hybrid models, so every time you drive the car, you'll be sending a green message to the world, while also saving a substantial amount on gas at the same time.

Many people believe that when you lease a car, everyone pays the same price per month. That's simply not true. Some monthly lease payments are lower because of a trade-in or down payment, but you can also negotiate the capitalized cost---leasing price--- just as you would when you purchase a vehicle. That makes it important to find the dealer that offers the best Hyundai deals in the Orland Park/Tinley Park, IL area. You don't have to drive to every dealer to check prices. Some dealers have websites to show some bargains or starting prices of their cars.

Every year, new technology makes cars more sophisticated and inexpensive to drive. When you lease a car, you are never stuck with antiquated technology that can reduce the price. You simply turn in the car at the end of the lease and find one with the latest technology for even more savings, style or safety features. 

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